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Ted Drell Associates, LLC specializes in prototype design and small volume production of unique devices designed and built to customer requirements. We also have a portfolio of standard products to assist in testing production control systems. All standard products can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Ted Drell Associates, LLC can also provide the following services on a consulting or contract basis. Services such as training are on a fixed price agreement. The fixed price agreement will be based on a CTR or Purchase Order with clearly defined tasks, deliverables, and schedules.


  • System design and engineering
  • Equipment design and prototype
  • Embedded software/hardware

Procedure Development/Writing

  • Training procedures and materials
  • Test procedures
  • Specifications

Fabrication and Testing

  • Hardware "Rack and Stack" and integration testing

Ted Drell - BIO

  • 45 years in industrial electronics
  • 5 years with AT&T in long‑distance communications systems
  • 1.5 years with Bendix Field Engineering with the Apollo Space Program (missions 7–11)
  • 10+ years with ODECO, offshore drilling
  • 5+ years in the metrology business
  • 12+ years in manufacturing electronic systems
  • 9+ years in offshore production control systems
4-20 Passive Simulators

4-20 Passive Simulators

We manufacture 4 different types of passive 4-20ma analog simulators. Card cages with backplanes to accept the 3U standard Eurocard are also available.

  • 3U switchable; 3 fixed values with a continuously variable control
  • Quad 3U manual; 4 each continuously variable control
  • Quad 3U remote switching; 4 each remotely switched
  • Handheld; small portable unit, continuously variable control with built-in digital panel meter
Media Converters

Media Converters

We design and manufacture a series of “powered” media converters used to supply 24VDC power to test various tree-mounted sensors prior to installation on the trees. They also provide a protocol conversion from RS485 to RS232 or RS485 to USB. This gives the assembly facility a means to test any RS485 sensor using a standard computer and the sensor supplier’s test software.

  • Also available with RS485 to USB converters.
  • Can be furnished in a small portable case for field use.
  • These units are furnished as a standard bench-top configuration.
Field Test Unit

Field Test Unit

We manufacture a series of “Field Test Units” designed to provide the field service engineers with the tools needed to perform testing of control modules during installation operations offshore. These are lightweight units in water-tight cases. The units contain “Customer furnished” Eurocard style modems that are in a custom-designed card cage. Various options are available to meet customer requirements.

  • Portable: This is the standard unit with LCD readout, over-voltage, and over-current protection. Voltage ranges and current options are specified by the customer prior to placing an order.
  • Rack Mount: A standard 19” rack-mounted unit can be provided for lab and bench use.
  • DC power options are available.
Multiple Sensor Simulator Rack

Multiple Sensor Simulator Rack

We design and manufacture a series of sensor simulator racks for bench use that can accommodate a series of sensor simulator modules. The racks accept standard 3U Eurocard sensor modules. Each rack holds up to 10 modules and the module types can be intermixed.

  • Standard Rack: Can be furnished as a “bare bones” rack with backplane installed or in a desktop enclosure with a wired rear panel.
  • Options: Standard and custom backplanes can be designed and furnished with the rack. Multiple racks can be installed in a single cabinet to accommodate as many modules as desired.
  • General options include cabinets with doors or removable protective covers.

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